I offer a no charge initial consultation to discuss bankruptcy and non bankruptcy options. At this first appointment I want to review your options under the bankruptcy code and also understand your financial situation. You can help make this consultation more valuable to yourself by coming prepared. Please be able to discuss your income. Income for bankruptcy purposes would include your regular wages, part time work, payments to you from others or contributions to your household income. It would also include irregular or occasional income, maybe side line work, tips, bonuses or anything else. It helps to see several of your recent payadvices and also for your spouse if married. You can file bankruptcy without your spouse, but you must disclose your spouse’s income to the bankruptcy court. It is also helpful to review your most recently filed federal and state tax returns. If these aren’t reflective of your regular income please explain. Additionally I would want to understand the debt you owe, even those accounts which you may want to keep like house and or car loans. A budget of your current living expenses is also helpful. Generally then I will send you home with a folder of information, some forms to fill out, a list of things to do and the fees to file a bankruptcy if that is what you decide.